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  • Buenos Aires
  • (54911) 4049.6107
  • New York

  • Miami

  • Londres
  • próximamente/coming soon

  • Mail
  • arthousebuenosaires@gmail.com
  • Cel.: 15 4049 6107
  • Cell phone (from abroad):
  • (54911) 4049-6107

  • WhatsApp+54911 4049-6107

About Us

I began working in the Art Business in 1999 as a producer and fundraiser at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires.
Whilst there,  I was hired for the same role by both the Cultural Affairs Secretary from Buenos Aires and
The Colon Theatre until 2003.

During that period I opened the Gallery 5006 in the Design Suites Hotel.  After numerous successful exhibitions I developed the Artists` Atelier Tour, which gives people the opportunity to meet the artist they liked in the gallery. Furthermore, I obtained a patent for the idea and I began focusing solely on this project.

The idea was so successful that tripled my sales figures and gave me a lot of satisfaction, particularly because it provided me with the opportunity to spend about 6 hours  or 2 days, with different people and to get to know them and built great relations all around the globe.

As a result, I realized the global potential this idea has, so I decided to take my idea to New York and Miami

...and soon we will be going to Berlin.... and so on.